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This is my first ever Augmented Reality t-shirt. It’s called “Alpha” (very self-explanatory 😅), and it comes in a BLACK version as well as a WHITE version. Both contain a Visual Music piece that works with the ARTIVIVE App for iPhone and Android. Just download the app, point the camera at your t-shirt and you instantly become the canvas for a very hectic and rhythmical piece.


The fabric is 100% cotton and the piece is made of reflective textile vinyl, heat-transferred by yours truly, here at the studio with much love and care 🥰 


I just love how the reflective material reacts to different types of light, giving it a rainbow “gasoline” kind of effect. 


Check the sizing guide at the end of the picture carousel in order to chose the right fit for you 👌


✨Cleaning advice✨: If you want to keep your t-shirt pristine, it is recommended you wash it inside-out and in a cold delicate cycle. 🚫 DO NOT put in dryer 🚫


35,00 €Price
VAT Included
Ready to ship December 1st
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